Temperature-sensitive color-changing putty

Short Description:

The color of putty changes with temperature, which is novel and interesting.

Product Detail

Product name: Temperature-sensitive color-changing putty
Product description: the color of putty changes with temperature, which is novel and interesting.
Product size: tin can 6×2.5cm
Color: yellow to green, red to purple, blue to purple, yellow to orange
Weight: about 70 grams per can contains 50 grams of putty
Applicable population: 3 years old and above all population

     Our company are specialized in research and development, producing and sales of bouncing putty, foam putty, space sand, crystal soil, ramen soil, cotton sand(cotton pull sand or kinetic sand), bouncing sand, DIY educational toys, plastic toys, honing toys, TPR soft rubber toys. All our products comply with US and EU Standard Test as well as EN71/ASTM 963 and other test certification. Our company adheres to the enterprise tenet of “continuous innovation and professional service”, takes the customer demand as the guidance, and constantly creates the new product, consummation after-sales service.

Products description:Educational toys. Children can knead the putty into various shapes according to their own imagination, and can also use magnets to attract the magnetic bouncing putty into a unique shape, which is conducive to the development of imagination, practical ability, and so on. Children can develop of intelligence in constant innovation. Our company produce bouncing putty, magnetic bouncing putty, photosensitive color-changing putty, temperature-sensitive color-changing putty, luminous putty and many other kinds of putty. The putty can be stretched, bouncy and not dry, and can be reused. With magnetic force, color-changing and other functions, it brings infinite fun to children. Putty is also good for cultivating interest, hand-eye-brain coordination, and parent-child communication. Playing with it can prevent Alzheimer’s disease to some extent.

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Recommended reason: colorful, soft to the touch, non-sticky, non-greasy, non-cracking, easy to form. Safe and non-toxic, US AP non-toxic certification, EU safety certification

     Suitable for making small accessories, dolls, and other children’s favorite toys. Before the clay is completely air-dried, spray with water to play again.

Quality Safety and Management:

1. Provide workers with regular training to provide them with awareness of quality and environmental protection

2. Process control from beginning to end
3. Pre-shipment inspection

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Principle: Microcapsules are wrapped with invisible dyes, color formers and temperature control agents, and materials with different temperature range can be made by selecting different temperature control factor materials.

Shelf life: It needs to be stored in a dry and cool place, the shelf life is half a year

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